Albany Molecular Research Inc. (AMRI) is a global contract research and manufacturing organization that has been working with the life sciences sector and pharmaceutical industry to improve patient outcomes and the quality of life for more than two decades. With locations in North America, Europe and Asia, we provide customers with a wide range of services and cost models.

Known within the industry for our deep scientific roots, we are considered the go-to source for discovery, development and complex manufacturing expertise. Pharmaceutical companies recognize that strong science does not only exist within their four walls and want to shed the large R&D and manufacturing infrastructures of the past. In doing so, they are turning to companies like AMRI for these services. Leveraging linkages and helping companies transition products seamlessly between early discovery, development and finished drug product differentiates us from our competition and is the reason why our goal to grow beyond industry rates is attainable.

Today we have a diversified portfolio of customers – more than 300 from large pharma, biotech, specialty and adjacent spaces and have high pipeline visibility for the future. We are well positioned to capture what we believe are attractive growth opportunities in a market that continues to benefit from outsourcing.